Short description of exhibitions


ENTER  2015


The first exhibition ENTER took place in March 2015 in Sint-Martens-Latem and was presented by Piet Boyens. The exposition combined my work with that of two other art students, Jella Onderbeke and Anne De Coninck, focusing on the aspect of home and family from an artistic, philosophical and emotional point of view. The paintings for this exposition were inspired by snapshots taken from my personal surroundings. While my years at art school were a time of rebellion and struggle, it forced me to search deep for my artistic language. As such, I work patiently by applying several layers on canvas to achieve this intimate diligence that captures the sincerity of these short-lived moments in an attempt to draw out their universal nature but at the same time leaving doubt and unease about the true nature of their otherwise so peaceful silence.


Delving deeper into this concept of intimacy, the second exhibition named INTERNAL AFFAIRS refers to both inner life and political matters, contrasting the nature of both phenomena by exposing political leaders and so called “white knights” in a loving and compassionate manner. Controversial authorities like Assad are portrayed with the same tender care for their vulnerability as a mother and child would be in the previous exhibition, thus questioning the spectator’s ability and, might it be, responsibility, to emotionally sympathise with our universal fragile essence. These intimate state portraits that depict our contemporary society confront us with what forms the very core of our nature: humanity. The exhibition will take place in a private residence in Mariakerke in April 2016. The opening speech will be given by Machteld Schandevijl.


While her previous expositions focused on her oil paintings, the exhibition “Beaulieu - Kunst in het kasteel” (March 2017, Machelen) finally reveals her highly valued, more intuitive drawings and aquarelles, exhibiting her work next to renowned artists such as Elrike Bolenz, Sidnei Tendler and Hans Vandekerckhove. Committed to the idea of intimacy and inspired by casual scenes from our daily lives, she meticulously puts together a ‘private’ archive of two-dimensional windows, inviting the spectator into the very living rooms of otherwise complete strangers. The artist’s in-depth engagement with the medium and her proficient artistic language offers us a glimpse of the transcendent strength and beauty that lies quietly beneath our surface, as well as of the intriguing power of art to reveal and ‘rephrase’ our universal, yet hidden reality.


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