In a globalised world of social networks, dysfunctional politics, immigration issues and global warming, a world in which politicians preach morals and others deny them, thinking about intimacy has become a challenge. But a challenge, however difficult, worth struggling for. Because in that intimacy and vulnerability lies the true essence of strength, and in that struggle to achieve this, we may well find the essence of truth.


My first intention, inspired by old masters and artists such as Whistler, Cassat and Vuillard on one hand, and by the many personal snapshots spread over the Internet on the other, was to combine those elements in classical images of non-verbal communication that reflect this deep interest in intimacy. This led to a series of intimate scenes from our daily life that tend to transcend the fugacious momentum of the snapshot and reveal their universal timelessness. While this fascination for intimacy evolves evermore, the focus shifts to the intriguing contradiction of depicting public authorities as vulnerable human beings, painted with the same attentive care, patience and diligence that we find in traditional painting. Searching for truth by exploring confrontations in interaction, my art is proof of my commitment to the canvas while I engage in endless communication with the medium, searching for its boundaries and surpassing them while trying to impose my own truth as a silent answer to life’s questions.


Not only do I make a critical statement by stripping public leaders of their power, I also questions the myth of autonomous art by proving that portrait painting, regardless of whether or not it is on commission, can be autonomous and critical as well. The portrait of the granddaughter may well trump the stature of the dearly beloved girl and function as a state portrait representing the zeitgeist of society. As such, I undertakes a Gogolian mission to portray modern society and paint small pieces of history that can be reintroduced in our homes. My work testifies as a true devotion to the metier, challenging the spectator on both intellectual and emotional levels, questioning the world surrounding us, while presenting both an intimate and universal story of humanity.

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